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2014 – A Man’s Holiday Gift Guide For The Women In His Life

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Don’t be like most men this holiday season and make the mistake of giving the women in your life a gift that’s horrible, tasteless, or flat-out inappropriate. I’m talking about you, guy shopping in the jewelry section of Walmart or the perfume counter at Macy’s.

Every year around this time, I’m asked by my clients to help find gifts for their wives, girlfriends, co-workers, sisters, mothers and all the other women in their lives. So instead of keeping these ideas to myself, I figured I’d help everybody out by showing you what the women in your life would love to receive this holiday season.


Wife Or Girlfriend


Get your wife or girlfriend a gift you both can enjoy: like this hot-as-hell lingerie set by Agent Provocateur. It’s important to a woman to feel connected to her man. What better way to feel that connection than through physical touch? It beats tickets to the Opera, right?

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur “Elsa” Bra, $75
L’Agent by Agent Provocateur “Elsa” Panties, $36
L’Agent by Agent Provocateur “Elsa” Garter Belt, $52
Agent Provocateur Seamed Thigh-High Stockings, $50






THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS AN INEXPENSIVE GIFT FOR YOUR WIFE OR GIRLFRIEND! She’s your partner-in-crime, the Bonnie to your Clyde, and she deserves to be spoiled once in awhile. She’ll love these ‘T-Slick’ heels by Christian Louboutin.

Tip: Order half a size larger than her shoe size, as they run a little small.

Christian Louboutin ‘T-Slick’ Heels, $795


Co-Worker Or Boss


I’ve yet to meet a professional woman that doesn’t prefer to write things down. So get her the Rolls Royce of notebooks. With its smooth calf leather cover, gilded paper edges, and gold brass closure, you’ll be sure to win some brownie points with this sophisticated and classy notebook.

Smythson ‘Grosvenor Collection’ Panama Notebook, $185





That little, blue Tiffany & Co. box is like porn to women. We love anything from Tiffany’s, ANYTHING. These wine glasses are the perfect inexpensive gift and finally give you the chance to say “hand-blown” at work without getting slapped with a lawsuit.


Tiffany & Co. Red Wine Glasses, $40 (set of two)




Sister Or Friend


Even if your sister or female friend isn’t a tech nerd, she’ll appreciate the cool features of this activity & sleep-tracking wristband. Unlike a gym membership, which to a woman implies many things and includes at least a few sobbing-in-the-shower sessions, she’ll actually enjoy this sleek and functional gift.

Fitbit Force, $129



If your sister or female friend is like myself or any other female I’ve ever met, then she’ll love this beauty sampler by Benefit. The set is perfect because it’ll work with any complexion or finicky makeup wearer, which is very important for a woman.


Benefit Cosmetics Little Love Potions, $36




Mother or Mother-In-Law


Your mom (and you) will love the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. She can email, read ebooks, watch movies and video chat with the family. Best of all, it has a “Mayday” button, which initiates a video chat with an Amazon technician who can answer her nonsensical questions like, “How do I move the yellow square up?” This means no more frantic calls to you and 24/7 support for her. You both win.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX, $229




Shopping for your mom, and especially your mother-in-law, can be difficult and nerve-racking, at best. Go the safe and tasteful route, and get her this handwoven Turkish bath towel. She’ll love the high quality fabric that can triple as a throw, table runner, or shawl.


Turkish Hammam Towel, $68

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