The 5 Best Closet Organization Essentials

Organization and storage are two things that a lot of guys often overlook when it comes to thinking about their wardrobe. Let’s face it, your clothes spend most of their life in your closet and in drawers rather than on your body so it makes sense to give their storage some thought.

Plus, how you store them is going to have a huge effect on their life as well. We’re not suggesting a Patrick Bateman OCD level of color coordinating but, in terms of getting dressed, having a well-organized closet is only going to help you make better, quicker decisions when you’re getting ready.  We’ve got all our favorite picks below, make sure to check them out.

Good Hangers

They help maintain clothes and keeps them organized.  We recommend felt hangers for shirts and pants and suit/jacket hangers for, well, suits and jackets.  The extra width and structure help keep the shoulders of your jackets in good shape.

Suit Hangers

Wood Hangers

Velvet Hangers


Shoe Trees

A critical yet very inexpensive item that helps shoes keep their shape and prevents creasing and wear.

Cedar Shoe Trees

Plastic Shoe Trees


One of these makes getting shoes on a breeze and prevents smashing of the back of shoes which can add extra wear and tear.  We recommend the longer ones because they’re so much easier to use.

Plastic Shoe Horn (from the video)

Wood Shoe Horn


Lint Roller

A must-have if you wear any dark clothing at all.

Large Lint Roller

Travel Lint Roller

Garment Bags

Super important for long-term storage, these will protect suits and sweaters from dust, moths, and moisture.

Garment Bags

5 Things Every Man Should Have In His Bedroom

We’ve talked about the importance of home upgrades before and no matter where your relationship status is, having an inviting bedroom environment is important for every guy. Here are a few of our favorite easy upgrades and crucial items that every man should have in his bedroom.

Our Bedroom Picks



Boll & Branch




Candles from Huckberry

PF Candle


Square Trade

Reed Diffusers:

Jo Malone

Tom Dixon

PF Candle

Budget-Friendly Diffusers

Valet Trays:

Tanner Goods

Maxx & Unicorn

Scout Leather Co.

Affordable Picks

Bluetooth Speakers:





Tuft & Needle 


Coop Home Goods 


The ONE Thing Every Man Needs In His Bathroom

It may surprise you, but I think every man should have a bidet in their bathroom!

That’s right, you need a bidet in your life and Tushy’s bidet is easy to use, simple to set up, and a total game-changer. Trust me, once you bidet, you’ll never go back!

Extra special thanks to Tushy for sponsoring this video!

For more and to get 10% off your order check out all of Tushy’s products.

5 Easy & Stylish Home Upgrades For Men

While most men tend to think home goods and decor are utilitarian (if they give it much thought, at all), there’s something to be said for a man who takes pride in creating a welcoming home for himself and guests, regardless of his relationship status. If you’re single and dating, your date will definitely appreciate these small things and they could very well be a deal sealer. If you’re in a relationship, showing that you’ve taken initiative to improve the proverbial nest will always be appreciated by your partner. Below are a few simple upgrades to quickly improve your home.

The Smell of Success

Unfortunately (or fortunately), you probably don’t know how your place smells. Regardless of whether you forgot your sweaty gym socks in the corner for the past month, or just cooked your weekly 5lbs of bacon, your place probably isn’t the freshest.

Cleanliness is obviously a huge first step in this department, but outside of that you may need an assist. Whatever the state of affairs, it’s time to invest in some scented goods. Relax, I’m not talking about over-the-top lady candles or scents so strong they make you light-headed, just a few simple options to make your house or apartment smell masculine and inviting.

The two best options are a good candle and/or a reed diffuser. A candle or two is going to impart a great scent and give you that “on/off” feature so you can light it up whenever needed. A reed diffuser is a jar or bottle of scented oil with wooden sticks that draw up the scented oil and “diffuse” it out into the air. I like these best for bathrooms because they provide a light, consistent scent that’s always in the background.

What scents to choose?

That’s up to you, but I have a few suggestions:

  • Try lots of options
    You never know what you’re going to like or how it’s going to work in your home.
  • Go for scents that lean toward the woodsy (pine, cedar, sage, tobacco) or fresh (citrus, eucalyptus, grass)
    They’re masculine and pleasing without being overwhelming.

The Goods

Try a candle in your living room and on the nightstand and add a reed diffuser to your bathroom for an instant improvement in the smell department.


I’ve given this candle from Athropologie to men and women over the years and it’s universally loved.

Budget Options
A few of my favorites include PF Candle Co, Good Candle, and Norden.

Reed Diffuser

Pictured Above
These are two, well-designed diffusers.

Any woman will see these from Jo Malone and understand you’re not messing around with your scents.

Budget Options
Many, many options available here.


An Inviting Bed

Maybe it’s obvious, but clean, quality sheets and bedding can go a long way – both for you and guests/partners – by creating an inviting bedroom environment. Not that we don’t love your Ironman sheets, but it’s probably time to step it up a bit.

While the true merit of “thread counts” is kind of a myth, you definitely want to invest in something that’s high-quality, soft and durable. Design-wise, stick to neutral color like greys, blues, and/or subtle patterns. While white sheets are lovely and crisp, know that if you invest in them they’re going to require some extra care and more frequent washings. I highly recommend using a fabric treatment like Oxy Clean to keep them fresh and white.

The Goods

Thanks to a variety of enterprising entrepreneurs, you no longer have to drag yourself to battle the hordes at Bed Bath & Beyond or Target on a Sunday just for some decent sheets. Two of my favorite brands, Brooklinen and Parachute, are high-quality at reasonable prices.


A Well-Stocked Bathroom

I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve heard from friends about nightmarish bathroom situations at the homes of otherwise solid, upstanding gentlemen.

The importance of getting your bathroom in shape can’t be stressed enough. Outside of general cleanliness – the sink, toilet and tub/shower, it’s important to have it smell nice (see the scents section above) and have a few key items in good, working order.

A fresh roll of toilet paper, some decent liquid hand soap, and a clean hand towel will go a long way here. But while we’re talking about towels, it’s probably time to invest in a proper set for your bathroom and guests. Unfortunately, that beach towel hung from the shower curtain rod isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Please, for the love of all that is holy – have a trashcan with a lid!

We use a lot of items throughout the course of a day and night that we’d prefer not to be visible in the trash. Just trust me on this one – everyone will appreciate it.

The Goods

In this area, you really don’t have to spend much. Below are the products I personally use and recommend to friends and family.

Trash Can
I use these in all my bathrooms. They’re cheap, well-designed and work well.

Soap Dispenser
I personally use this one, but there are many options available at great prices.

Just like their quality sheets, Parachute makes great towels, too. I also love the options from Boll & Branch.


Coordinate & Decorate

Decoration and presentation are big parts of making an initial and lasting impression. A fancy, hand-crafted cocktail isn’t memorable if you serve it in a red cup and that Jordan poster on your otherwise bare walls won’t win any points, either.

It’s important for you to give some consideration to a few stylish pieces of wall art, some matching dishes and glassware, and a functional decor piece like a bar cart or nice arm chair that are going to elevate your pad to a level befitting of the gentleman you are.

The Goods

I love Snowe – a cool, one-stop shop for glassware and all things home; it’s basically a better online version of Ikea, but without the Swedish meatballs. Prices range anywhere from $30 and up to accommodate any budget.

On the decor end, for affordable wall art options outside of solid home stores like West Elm and CB2, sites like Artsy and Artspace offer easy, affordable access to great art pieces and photography. If you’re just starting, keep it simple with tasteful black and white photography or muted abstracts. If you’re feeling adventurous, nothing impresses like a cool, large-format statement piece in the living room or over your bed.


Use these few simple updates to get yourself well on your way to domestic success and style with ease. So, now we’ve covered that, what are you going to wear?