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Self-Isolation Essentials (Things We Can’t Live Without During Quarantine)

Since we’re under pseudo-quarantine right now, we wanted to show you the things that are making our time indoors fun, easy and (somewhat) productive.


Discussed at length, here.


Since video chatting has become a standard way of life in our household, having a tripod for your phone allows you to sit back or do other things while chatting with friends or family.

Tripod & Smartphone Tripod Mount | The head shown in the video

Insulated Hot/COLD Thermos

This mug is great for enjoying a hot or cold drink throughout the day and not having to worry about it cooling off or getting warm.

Notebook & Fountain Pen

Now that we’ve got more time on our hands, we’re finding analog options are more relaxing and useful. So we’re writing out to-do lists, thoughts, ideas as well as use for journaling.

Favorite Notebook | Fountain Pen | Ink

Hip Bag

Since we’ll all have to venture outdoors eventually for basic necessities or for a walk around the neighborhood to maintain your sanity, a hip bag is great for carrying your wallet, keys, hand sanitizer, mask, gloves, etc. This bag is great because it can be used with a belt or strap for either around your waist or as a regular sling bag.


Being stuck indoors and not having to see anyone socially means it’s the perfect time to get your skincare routine completely locked down. As mentioned in the video, here’s some of the items we’ve been testing and finding to be well worth the time invested.

Curology Night Lotion | Masks (both are great) – 1st Choice, 2nd Choice 


We were never big board game fans in the past, but just before we went under lockdown, we picked up a couple that have been highly recommended and we’re so glad we did!

Choice 1 | and 2 | and 3

Streaming Device

We’ve been streaming-only for almost a decade now, so this may be old hat to us, but if you’re looking for the best all-around streaming device, this is absolutely it. You can virtually stream anything and everything, even if the service you like doesn’t have a compatible app. (Watch the video for the explanation.)

Silicone Food Containers

If you’re like us, your home cooked meal count has gone up exponentially. Instead of using plastic bags to store leftovers, these silicone food containers have been a god-send. They can be frozen, boiled and cleaned in the dishwasher. Total game changers in our house.

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