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19 Men’s Accessories in 2020 (Must-have Essentials)

Accessories are just as important as your clothing, so definitely don’t neglect this part of your style! Below are your favorite accessories every man should have in 2020.

Backpack/Rucksack or Briefcase

We’ve done articles and videos about both of these items a few times. But definitely grab a backpack/rucksack if you don’t work in a more formal environment and grab a briefcase with a detachable shoulder strap for versatility if you need it for more formal occasions.
Favorites: Backpacks – here, here and here
Briefcases – here and here

Casual or dress Watch

We went over the details and different watches you should own in great depth here. Ideally, you want to have both, but if you had to choose one, let your lifestyle determine which you should get. A casual watch with a metal bracelet or perlon, canvas or other straps goes with everything but suiting, and a dress watch can also work in your casual outfits, but some guys may find a leather-strapped watch too formal, so go with whatever fits your style and lifestyle best.

Favorites: Straps


If you’re going to be going on any trips, whether a quick, getaway weekend or something more extended, you definitely want a nice piece of luggage to go with it. Whether it’s a carry-on, roller style or more of a weekender bag is up to you. We can make a case for both, but it will mostly depend on your needs.

Favorites: Roller Luggage, Weekender Bag options here, here and here


In this day and age headphones are almost a necessity. Especially if you do a lot of traveling since the noise-canceling features of modern headphones is exceptional and helps reduce the stress associated with travel.

Favorites: Over-The-Ear, In-Ear – iPhones, Android

Slim wallet

You want either a bi-fold or card wallet so it’s not so bulky – unless you’ll be carrying it in a bag or jacket pocket exclusively. In which case, you can go for something bigger. As for materials, leather is more hearty and robust, but you can definitely use alternative leathers, as well.

Favorites: Here and here

Slim Phone Case

Just like your wallet, you want something slim and classy to show off your modern, sophisticated personality. Unless you have a specific need for a big, bulletproof case, it’s best to avoid those.
Favorites: iPhone and Android

Fun Socks

As Ashley has been saying for years: Go crazy with your socks! It’s one of the few menswear items where you can wear anything and everything you want because it will mostly be hidden and the little peek of sock showing when you sit down can actually turn into a conversation starter.
Favorites: Here

Fabric watch straps

Perlon, Nato, Canvas, even rubber, are all great ways to add your personality to an outfit as well as to freshen up the look of your watch(es).
Our favorite place for straps. 

Water bottle & coffee thermos

We’ve been signing the praises of these for years now, and they’re still amazing! Not only are they crazy functional, but they also look great and help cut down on environmental waste.

Mini Keychain tool

Having a keychain multi-tool comes in handy way more than we’d like to admit. It has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion, so you should definitely pick one up!

Favorites: Here




A classy pair of sunglasses can really elevate an outfit, so definitely grab a pair or two. If you want to cover all bases, grab a black and tortoise shell pair. They’ll go with literally anything you’ll wear.

Favorites: Here, Here and Here

Boxer Briefs

Underwear are one of the few things that will have an immediate impact on your well-being because if you’ve never worn bad vs good underwear, you may be dealing with issues you never realized didn’t need to happen.

Favorites: Here

Tie, Tie Bar & Pocket Square

For the tie, you should at least have a solid navy and/or black one. Make sure it has some texture, as a simple, silk tie looks too conservative and dated. For the tie bar, go with something silver or matte silver to start and then you can play with colors after that. For a pocket square, start with a white cotton one with some colored tipping for just a little added touch of class and personality.
Favorites: Ties, Tie Bars, Pocket Squares

Wool and/or cashmere scarf

Like socks, you definitely want a black or blue one, and then just like your socks have fun with them and grab some with colors or patterns.

Favorites: here

watch travel case

It looks like a hockey puck but protects a single watch like a champ! It’s actually a hard shell and is large enough to handle almost any watch size.
Favorites: Here

Dopp Kit

We’ve talked about dopp kits and their importance before. Not a single thing has changed and if you don’t have one yet. Now is the time! Whether you use it for going to the gym or for traveling, a dopp kit comes in is essential for keeping your toiletries organized and orderly.
Favorites: Here

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