Men's Fall & Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials 2021

Whether you love it or hate it, winter is upon us, but fear not! Because it’s time for a mood boost and a bit of winter gratitude. So, get the hot cocoa ready, because after watching this video, you’re going to the most stylish guy on the bunny slopes. See all my favorite selects for each of these items over on the private community.

Wool Trousers

First up is a pair of pants that are tailor-made for this time of year. The wool flannel trouser is a warm, comfortable, sharp and sexy pant that I put on all my clients during the cooler seasons. I love them because they can be dressed up or worn more casually.

I’d highly recommend them when you want to give denim a break but still want something season-appropriate. Go for a tapered fit and pair them with sneakers or boots in nearly any type of outfit and watch the compliments start pouring in.

Shawl Collar Cardigan

Speaking of warm and sexy, sweaters should be at the front of your closet now, so it’s time to reach for thicker, heavier options like a shawl collar cardigan. I love them because they’ll keep you warm, duh, but also allow you to create a bunch of new looks depending on how you pair them with the other items you own. Not only that, but they’re flattering on every body type. I recommend you grab a few in navy, gray, brown and black.

Just like crewnecks, they’re great worn over most shirts from t-shirts to dress shirts but the only caveat is if you’re a husky guy, leave them unbuttoned so they don’t shine a spotlight on your mid-section, but if you’re a thinner guy, feel free to wear them any way you like.

Wool Flannel Shirts

Flannel shirts pair well with all of the heavier seasonal fabrics you’ll be wearing now, so if you’re looking for a midlayer and a way to add some color, personality and patterns into your wardrobe, I recommend picking up a few.

Patterns are a great option, but if you aren’t sure how these will work for you, then definitely don’t neglect the solid color versions, as well. For winter, I’ll always advocate getting some classic jewel tone colors like: burgundy, green, mustard and blue. Just ensure those colors will work well with your skin tone.

Avoid Dry, Flaky Skin

During the colder time of year, there’s another essential element of your appearance that lots of men overlook. But not you, because hopefully at this point, you understand that looking your best isn’t just the shirts and pants you wear, but having chapped, dry, unmoisturized skin is a style faux-pas that is easily fixable with today’s sponsor, Geologie!

You may not think so, but cold-weather skincare is just as important as warm weather skincare. I cannot stress it enough! The cold, dry weather can be incredibly harsh on your skin and it strips away its protection, so it’s super important to cleanse and moisturize properly and stay hydrated on a daily basis.

Luckily, our friends at Geologie have you covered. Geologie puts together a simple, effective skincare routine that is specifically created and personalized to your skin’s needs. Because no two men are the same, Geologie works to identify your specific skin profile and matches it with a personalized regimen. Every Geologie set contains simple, science–based products with high–quality active ingredients that your body makes anyway, formulated by our renowned dermatologist and team of cosmetic chemists. No fads, no fillers, no compromises. Just real ingredients that work specifically for you.

My husband, Dorian, has been using their set that comes with 4 different products: Everyday Face Wash, Vital Morning Face Cream w/ SPF, Repairing Night Cream & Nourishing Eye Cream. It even includes 2 extra bottles of face wash, one for your sink and one for your shower or to take with you to the gym or when you’re traveling.

Use this special limited-time link to get up to 70% off your Geologie skincare routine purchase and get your skin looking better than it ever has before.

Chino Pants

Despite the colder temperatures, you still want to keep your options open when it comes to pants. This is why I’d suggest picking up a few heavier-weight chino pants in your standard navy, gray, brown and olive colors. Stores typically carry these options during this time of year, so if you have an inkling to get some and aren’t sure if they’re the correct fabric weight, then now would be the perfect time to get them. There’s also options that have flannel lining, so if you want a pair of pants that are super cozy and warm, explore those options, as well.

Heavy Jacket

Next up is probably the most important item you’ll own for the winter months – a jacket. I recently released a guide to my favorite styles of jackets for all climates, including Bombers, Puffers, Peacoats and beyond. Click here to check out that video, because below I’m only going to talk about heavier jackets you should consider owning.


With temperatures reaching below freezing in some climates, it’s important to have a warm, well-fitting, stylish parka jacket. I recommend investing in a high-quality one because, in my experience, you’ll absolutely get what you pay for here and cheap options can be inferior in construction and materials – leaving you more exposed to the elements. A high-quality parka will last for many, many years to come, keep you warm, and have you looking stylish, so if your budget allows, get something of quality.

Here’s a few things to consider when looking for a parka:

First is the length. Depending on your climate and how cold it gets determines how long your parka should be. The longer it is, the colder your climate. So you would wear a waist or hip-length parka if you were in an area that gets cold, but not too cold. Or if you were in a colder place, you’d wear a parka that hits your knees, or even past that. And if you live in a climate somewhere in the middle, go with a parka that hits mid-thigh.

In terms of colors: I love Navy, Black or Olive. One note is to make sure the material isn’t shiny. If I had to choose a color, I’d prefer Navy because it’s a very dark color, like Black, that will work well in nearly any outfit. I find black can sometimes look a bit jarring in such a big jacket.

As for fit, make sure your parka fits relatively well. That means the shoulders should fit snugly and the body should lightly hug your torso. When trying on parkas, make sure you’re wearing at least a sweater and shirt underneath so you can ensure it won’t be too tight when actually wearing it outside. Also, make sure to zip up that bad boy in case it feels too tight in the body!

For the lining, I prefer a down lining, but synthetic is also good. I always find down to be warmer, but as always, your mileage may vary.

The final note for a parka jacket is the detachable fur lining, which allows you to enjoy two different types of jacket for the price of one, allowing for more options when choosing an outfit. It’s a nice thing to have because it creates a slightly different look, so I like the option whenever possible.

As for style inspiration, the best way to wear your parks is over all of your heavy winter layers. Like you saw in the image above, I styled Dorian in a grey crewneck sweater, wool trousers, and wingtips. And of course, I threw on a scarf and some gloves.


Next up is a coat that is more formal in nature and typically requires you to wear more layers if it’s really cold in your area, but they look extremely polished and well put together when paired with some wool trousers and more business casual items. That’s not to say you can’t dress them down, either. The overcoat is definitely a versatile piece I would consider owning.

You’ll want to keep the design simple and clean with no unnecessary flourishes, which you’ll usually find with cheaper alternatives.

Like your parka, you want the coat to fit snug in the torso and arms while wearing a few layers underneath it, so don’t try one on without making sure it fits over those layers. If you wear suits and you’re not going to freeze to death without a thick parka, then an overcoat is absolutely the first jacket I would grab. Just make sure the jacket is long enough to cover the bottom of your suit jacket, otherwise, it will look off.


I’d say every guy, unless he lives in a tropical environment, should have a navy peacoat in his closet. It’s great for casual outfits all the way up to business casual since they are naturally less formal than an overcoat. If you live in a colder climate, it’s also great for warmer winter days and through the early parts of Spring. And if you live in moderate to warmer climates, like Southern California, a Peacoat would be your casual “winter” coat.

Turtleneck Sweater

You should definitely look into a turtleneck sweater for this season because if it’s good enough for James Bond it should be good enough for you!

Layered under your suit or a casual jacket, they instantly add a smart, polished touch to your outfit. Black, navy, charcoals, and greys are always a good bet, and even ivory turtlenecks can look good with the right outfit. So I’d definitely recommend considering one.

As for fabrics, wool and cashmere are the main options and I like both, so get whatever you budget will allow. Unless you already have the standard colors and styles of turtlenecks, I’d say keep the cable knit and other styles of turtlenecks as secondary options.

Now if you’re tall, thin and have a longer neck, a turtleneck is a no-brainer, and can be worn layered or by itself. Broader body types should layer a blazer or jacket over it, which frames your body and draws attention up to your neck and away from your belly. Otherwise, larger men should stick to other sweaters layered over a shirt, and you can always keep your neck warm with a scarf, instead.

Hope you enjoyed this one! Have comments or questions? Head over to the private community and let’s chat.

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