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Get This Look: What To Wear To A Summer Evening Party

Classic film star Anthony Perkins shows us how to wear a short-sleeve sweatshirt to a summer evening event.

This past week, a guy friend called me up and asked what he could wear to a summer evening event that wouldn’t leave him drowning in his own sweat. A simple shirt and trousers would look too underdressed, but a jacket, even a light one, would not help with the sweating problem. I immediately recommended he go with a short-sleeve sweatshirt.

They’re lighter than a jacket, made out of breathable cotton, and are comfortable to boot.

Follow these steps to recreate Perkins’ look:

  • Choose a light colored short-sleeve sweater, like this Club Monaco Terry Short-Sleeved Crewneck, $60.
  • Wear over a darker colored short-sleeve button-down shirt, making sure the collar stays underneath the sweater.
  • Roll up the sweater’s sleeves but make sure your shirt sleeves aren’t peeking out.
  • Finish with dress pants and dress shoes.

Photo: The Impossible Cool

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