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Short Pants & Baggy Jackets

This article is part of my Outfit Feedback series.

I love the tailored fit of your clothes, but the length of your sweater and pants are way too short. It looks like you’ve outgrown your clothes!

My Critique

  • Right now, the length of your sweater is making your torso look small compared to the rest of your body. The key with clothing is to make sure everything looks proportional – you want the upper half of your body to look balanced to your lower half. 
  • Your pant’s inseam is way too short and is making everything look “shrunken.”

How To Fix

  • Pull down your sweater so that it hits mid-crotch (about 1.5-2” longer than where it’s currently at).
  • There’s no way to lengthen pants that much. Donate them to charity or pass them onto a friend who’s shorter than you.


The color palette of your outfit – grays, blues, burgundy, browns are great Fall colors that complement each other perfectly. The fit and break of your jeans are spot on! With just one minor adjustment, this outfit would look great. 

My Critique

  • The bagginess of your jacket is disproportionate to the rest of your outfit/body.

How To Fix

  • Definitely size down your jacket to a Medium instead of the large you’re currently wearing. The fit in the body and the shoulders will fit your frame much. much better. 

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