Outfit Feedback, Questions & Answers

Uniqlo Blazer, J.Crew Trousers, The Tie Bar Tie, Allen Edmonds Shoes

This is a great example of a work outfit. The burgundy tie is a nice touch and adds a nice pop from the navy and gray color scheme. The jacket and shirt fits great in the torso and sleeve length. 

My Critique

  • The length of the tie is too long.
  • The tie bar is too wide & should be placed lower.
  • Pants look too short even if going for a “no break” look.

How To Fix This Outfit

  • The length of his the should hit the top of your belt buckle.
  • A tie bar should be 1/2 to 3/4 the width of your tie – nothing wider, as it looks sloppy.
  • The position of the tie bar should be in line with your jacket’s breast pocket.
  • If you choose to have pants with no break, make sure your tailor hems the back slightly longer than the front – they call this a “taper”.

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