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3 Ways To Dress For A New Year’s Eve Party

Let’s be honest, we all know that NYE isn’t the be-all, end-all event of the year. But, no woman in the history of womanhood wants to ring in the new year without that special kiss from her leading man.

Whether you’ve know her for six years or six minutes, you’re appearance is going to greatly affect if she starts inching her way closer to you during the final countdown.

Here’s what to wear based on the type of NYE party you’re attending:


Formal Party

Celebrating in Vegas or at a restaurant’s NYE party? If you’re going anywhere other than your family or friend’s house party, you’ll want to break out your suit and tie.

Even though I say office party in the video, I’d still recommend this outfit for a formal NYE party.

Full outfit details here: How To Dress For The Office Party


Friend’s Bash

Heading to your friend’s house party? You’ll still want to show up like the well-dressed gentleman you are…especially if you’re single. Remember: Every woman will be on the hunt for their NYE kissing partner that night.

See the details of this outfit here: How To Dress For A Friend’s Party


Family Party

If you’re heading to your family’s house for a calm NYE celebration, this doesn’t mean you should just show up in a t-shirt and jeans. Begin the new year on the right foot, which means looking your best.

You’ll feel just as comfortable, but sending the message that you have your shit together.

Check out the entire outfit here: How To Dress For A Family Party


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