EDC #3 – A Prime Example

In this episode of the Everyday Carry series, I invited Andrew Snavely, the founder of Primer Magazine.com, to join me in studio to discuss his EDC and how he goes about his workday creating all those awesome articles for his site. Hope you enjoy!

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Featured Items

Knomo bag (his is discontinued, but this is a close one)
Sennheiser headphones
Olympus em10 mark II camera
Pocket Knife
Apple iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone Case
Apple Magic Mouse 2
Magic Wallet
210 East Oak watch


THE #ASKAW SHOW: EPISODE 10 W/ Andrew Snavely FROM PrimerMagazine.com

Have a question you’d like me to answer? Ask in the comments of the above youtube video.

In this episode, we answer:

Q: I’m in my late 40’s and think tailored clothing will make me look “too hip” for my age. Thoughts?

A: If you’re using your age as an excuse to not wear clothing that fits your body, you’re doing it wrong! See my men’s clothing fit guide for how your clothes should fit – no matter your age!

Q: Does Ashley do interior design/styling as well?

A: No. Only clothing. I’m horrible at everything else, basically!

Q: How do I approach and ask out a girl in my class?

A: See the video for our detailed answer.

Q: What colors work well with Asian skin tones?

A: Richer, darker colors are best. Watch video above for details.

Q: Leather clogs – yay or nay?

A: Nay.

THE #ASKAW SHOW: EPISODE 09 W/ Andrew Snavely FROM PrimerMagazine.com

In this episode, my special guest – Andrew Snavely from PrimerMagazine.com answer some of the most scintillating questions for the readers/viewers.

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In this episode, we answer:

Q: I’ve lost a significant amount of weight and now all of my clothes are clownishly large on me. Can a tailor make my clothes fit again or should I just buy all new ones?

A: See the video above for the answer and my men’s clothing fit guide for how your clothes should fit.

Q: I watched your T-Shirt video and if I have a nice looking tee with a pretty minimalist design, does that hinder a look the same way a straight up graphic tee would?

A: Short answer – sort of. See the video for the longer answer.

Q: As a shorter man (5’6″), I find it difficult to find stuff that fits me and looks good. I was hoping you can provide some general style tips for shorter men.

A: See TheModestMan.com for a great site for shorter men style. But in our experience, as long as your clothing fits properly, there’s not much else to worry about.

Q: I recently picked up a Briefcase in a navy/ tan leather color way, would I match my wallet/watch/belt/etc. To the bag? What would you do in my situation?

A: Don’t think about it too much. Andrew is less of a stickler here, but I am more of a stickler. See video for details.