New House Update & Tour

Since we’re finally done remodeling and have moved in, we thought we’d give you guys an update and a tour of our new home!

Extra special thanks to our friends at Bevel for helping make this video happen. Dorian’s been testing the Bevel shave kit and absolutely loves it. Follow the link below to learn more and for your chance to win a free kit from Bevel!

Check out Bevel!

Our Story: How We Met

Many of you have asked more about “our story” so we’re happy to start sharing.  Here’s more about how we met!

BTS of Styling Kian Lawley for “Before I Fall” Premiere

This video is extra special because I never really get the chance to actually show the work involved with styling someone for an event. But I’m thankful that Kian Lawley (from KianandJC) was cool enough to let me film the whole celebrity menswear styling process for a red carpet appearance.