Bean Boozled Challenge w/ Megan Collins

Megan Collins from joined me for an #AskAW episode last time, but now she’s back to compare our lists of the Top 10 Men’s Wardrobe Essentials – with a disgusting twist.

If you don’t know the Bean Boozled Challenge, it’s a game where you have a 50/50 chance of getting a delicious jelly bean or one that’s flavored something like vomit, skunk, rotten eggs and a whole host of really vile flavors.

Unfortunately, I got to try most of them… 🙁

The #AskAW Show: Episode 08 w/ Megan Collins from StyleGirlfriend

In this episode I have a special guest – Megan Collins from! I also just did a Q&A over on her site, so check it out here.

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In this episode, we answer:

Q: Getting married this summer and my soon-to-be wife is wearing a coral gown, so what can I wear to compliment her dress?

A: Get a Gray or Navy Notch Lapel Suit (make sure it fits properly!), a white semi-spread collardress shirt (also make sure that it fits properly), black, navy or charcoal tie, white pocket square and some black dress shoes.

Q: I’ve recently put on weight, how can I still tuck in my shirts and hide my stomach?

A: Get some slimming undershirts and boxer briefs! My clients have used and love these! Also, lose the weight quickly. My male friends have all used this technique with much success!

Q: Is buying raw denim worth the extra money?

A: NO! Get these wonderfully broken-in dark wash jeans instead.

Q: I’m pale and would like to incorporate more color into my wardrobe. What should I do?

A: If you’ve already got the basic colors for polo shirts, t-shirts, etc., then go for cooler colors like blues and greens. If you were to wear reds, yellow and oranges (warmer colors), it won’t look good with your skin tone.

Q: I’m from Hawaii and want to start layering but I’m worried I’ll be too hot.

A: Get a short sleeved button up shirt, leave the top few buttons undone and layer it with a t-shirt underneath. Throw on a pair of chino pants, cuffed at the bottom, with some white sneakers and you’ll look amazing. If you work indoors, then you can possibly get away with wearing a lighter jacket, like a Harrington jacket, but it’ll still be a little rough when you’re not indoors.