How To Mix Patterns

Nick Wooster, master of sartorial style & Creative Director of J.C. Penney, clearly knows what he’s doing when mixing patterns.

The key to wearing patterns, especially bold ones like this herringbone jacket and harris tweed tie, is to break it up.

Without the solid black vest, his outfit would just look like one giant fabric swatch and frankly, like you’re trying too hard. The vest frames the tie, allowing it to complement the outfit, and helps break up the 2 different patterns. Look at how much cooler, almost relaxed the outfit looks with that vest. Adding the white cotton pocket square also helps.

Let me also mention the other details that really pull this all together:

  • The collar of his shirt lays neatly under his vest – as it always should!
  • Hair perfectly coiffed.
  • Facial hair groomed impeccably.
  • The thickness of his frames complements the jacket pattern.

Source: The Sartorialist